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Create your own rainbow everyday with this dreamy pastel set.

This set includes:

1 x MontiiCo Shopper Set - Boho Palms
1 x MontiiCo Regular Coffee Cup - Grey

MontiiCo Shopper Set- Chasing Rainbow

Meet Boho Palms Shopper Set

3 reusable shopping bags in gorgeous, girly shades of purple and rainbow patterns that will brighten even the gloomiest of days! 

Not just a regular Shopping Bag! 
She's got a MontiiCo twist, designed with three #matchymatchy prints. Fold 'em up, pop into their handy pouch and straight into your bag! You won't be leaving these ladies behind. She's super strong, so you can seriously shop up a storm without a worry.

MontiiCo Regular Coffee Cup- Grey

Meet Regular Coffee Cup Grey

She’ll catch the eye of admirers, with her inner warmth and sassy style. 

She might be regular in size, but she’s far from ordinary! Keepin' your morning beverage seriously hot (in more ways than one!) Bringing you your morning beverage steaming while you’re on the run.

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