Hydro Herb Twin Pot - Grey

Dhs. 119.00 Dhs. 60.00
For the finishing touch of a delicious meal, or for some added flavour on a cheese sandwich, fresh herbs are a must! This is why Rosti Mepal designed the herb pots a few years ago, making it possible for fresh herbs such as basil, thyme, mint and chives to be kept in the kitchen. The new herb pot Twin is a larger version of the original pots and can fit two different herb plants or other little plants. The smart looking pots share the water reserve which will prevent the plants from drying out. A cotton cord enables the plants to soak up the exact amount of water they need. A great practical feature is that the water reserve can hold 1 liter of water and has to be refilled only once or twice a week. The herb pot Twin will be delivered with 2 pins with cords and when these need to be replaced they can also be ordered separately. Now that's durability!!

Product specifications
- Dishwasher safe
- Not freezer safe
- Not microwave safe
- Suitable for contact with food0% BPA