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Krumbsco Bakeware Complete Set - Round

Krumbsco Bakeware Complete Set - Round

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Ready to really up your air frying game?! Purchase the complete krumbsco set for an easier, faster, more efficient way to air fry, and receive our three favourite Lunchbox Bites Recipe Magnets completely FREE! There's a recipe for each Lunchbox Bites product to get you air fryer baking like a pro. No need to google, screenshot, waste time trying to search for recipes on your phone. Keep your new favourite, go-to recipes in a handy spot on your fridge!

Included in the Krumbsco Silicone Bakeware - Rectangle - Complete Set:

    • krumbsco Reusable Baking Mats - Round

    • krumbsco Lunchbox Bites -

    • Round - Brownie

    • krumbsco Lunchbox Bites -

    • Round - Muffin

    • krumbsco Lunchbox Bites -

  • Round - Loaf Tray


Quick, easy and versatile, our complete range of silicone bakeware will open up a whole new love for air fryer baking!

Made to fit inside most dual drawer or small, single-basket air fryer types, including:

  • Ninja Dual Zone
  • Nutrabullet Twin Drawer
  • Kogan 8L 1700W Dual Zone
  • Kmart 9L Twin
  • Kmart 3.2L Single Basket

Note: Always exercise caution when removing the hot tray from the air fryer. For best non-stick results, leave your baked goods in the tray to cool slightly before removing.

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