Kids Dinnerware by Bobo&Boo

What is plant-based dinnerware?

Even better than bamboo, our plant-based range is melamine-free, microwave-safe, and tough enough to withstand whatever life (or the kids) throw at it. Made from PLA (or polylactic acid, for all those smarty-pants peeps playing at home) - a bioplastic derived from renewable resources like cornstarch, sugar cane, straw, woodchips (even good ol’ veggies!) - these beauties are guaranteed to be more earth-friendly than the broccoli you’ll serve on them.

Plant power meets science-y stuff

Instead of recycling old plastic waste such as milk cartons or plastic bottles (which never break down), or using nasty chemicals like petroleum (#gross) to create long-lasting products, our super-smart science-y pals have figured out a way to bind natural, renewable biomass sources together to form new reusable, earth-kind products. (And that’s why they get to wear the fancy white lab coats while we’re walking around with last night’s spaghetti on our t-shirts. Go figure.) With no traces of melamine or toxic chemicals, our new plant-based range is dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, biodegradable, and compostable (which means it will go on to have another life as part of your garden mulch when it comes time to part ways*). Better still, our products continue to be free from BPAs, which means zero toxins and nasties – hooray!

So what is the difference between bamboo and plant-based?