The joys of a great lunch box

The joys of a great lunch box

Welcome to our second blog post. This month we got to thinking about the joys of a great lunch box.

So we pondered the question: what makes a great lunch or snack box?

For many younger children there is often an aversion to anything “unknown”, but you still want to know that they have full bellies during the day. Gone are the days when a child was sent to school with a wrapped sandwich, a treat and a piece of fruit, or even went home for lunch.

Most younger children don’t think further than…… “can we get it open in a hurry? And does the food smells and look ok”. For us parents, the list is a little more practical, firstly will it contain all that I need to put in it? Secondly, will it keep the food fresh and tempting, so that they eat it? And thirdly, it is easy to clean, and what is the lunchbox made of?

With longer school days, children now need both lunch and snack at school. Add to this to the myriad of food choices requested, and the versatility of the lunch box comes becomes important. At Forget Me Not we have a range that caters for kids all ages, is colourful and robust.

For our littlest customers we have the robust but cute and colourful Campus Lunchbox Mini and  fruitbox range. The Campus lunch box Mini and fruit box are the perfect size for keeping snack and lunch separate.


The Campus Lunchbox Midi, is slightly larger to accommodate the growing belly and can easily fit in a small fruit box and fork for your child’s cut fruit, vegetables, yogurt or pasta without spoiling the other food. The one “push’ button makes opening these lunch boxes so easy for little fingers, and the lovely colour ranges will make any child feel happy and proud.

For older children or those children with bigger appetites our Take a Break Midi and Take a Break Bento range can accommodate a greater variety of food combinations. But hang-on we hear you say……………….. “how can we keep the food fresh and edible if it has bounced around all in one box”? Nobody wants is to open the lunch box to find its contents have spilled and been mashed together. Who likes eating a sandwich that has gone soggy from being in too close a relationship with the cut fruit or that the yogurt has spilt out of its container? We certainly don’t and nor do children.

This is where the clever people at Mepal have tinkered with a great idea to bring it up to date for food-on-the-go. The Take a Break Midi comes with a handy divider to keep dry food separate, and it can also easily hold a couple of fruit boxes ……………... “so voila” a balanced meal in one easy box without spillages! And with Mepal’s special sealing ring the tasty food will keep fresh, and the side clips are easy to open too.

So having covered the practicalities of making sure our boxes can contain all that we need them too, and keeping the food fresh and edible. What about keeping the lunch boxes clean, and are the lunch box “food safe” containers?

Hygiene is something we take seriously here at Forget Me Not.  Each and every one of the lunch boxes, and fruit boxes are safe for the dishwasher. Don’t we just love the convenience of that! And if you need to do a deep clean they can easily be taken apart. Furthermore, all the lunch boxes and bottles we sell are “food safe”, which means they contain no BPA material, or it’s sneaky horrible cousins BPS and BPF which can sometimes be found as alternatives to BPA. So there is no need to worry that nasty chemicals can leak into your child’s food.

And one final thing, by using a strong and sturdy lunch box we can all do our bit for the environment and cut down on the rubbish that is piling onto our planet day by day, and it also saves our hard-earned pennies on cheap re-useables that break. Brownie points all round, as we would say at Forget Me Not.

If you have enjoyed this post, check out our first foray into the blog-a-sphere last month, and follow us on our journey in the future.


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