The heat is on!

As the temperature rises so does the need to carry that all important water bottle, and keep hydrated wherever you go. And Forget Me Not has some great designs for young, and the young at heart.

Our cute pop-up range for toddlers is robust and colourful and has a hidden spout (neatly activated by a small side button, all good for fine motor skills) that minimises the chance the little ones will get a mouthful of sand when they take a drink. They are fun to personalise and means they won’t get lost in the crowded water bottle tray at school or nursery.

The Sports bottle ellipse has become a firm favourite with our sports mad children and their teammates. Even more so since we have handily printed their names and sports team on the bottles. And at 500ml, there is enough water to keep hydrated for an hour or so without constant re-fills.

As for us, we love the cool colour palate of the Ellipse and Just Water ranges. And the latter’s handy twist mechanism allows us to stuff the bottle full of yummy fruit and zingy herbs without getting a mouthful of them when we drink.

A couple of our favourite flavour combinations include orange and basil; cucumber, strawberry and mint; and the good old lemon and ginger mix.

All our water bottles are strawless and easy to take apart and re-assemble reducing the problems of cleaning. They are made from durable BPA free plastic so they are re-usable again, and again, and again……………..and again!

P.S. By customising your water bottles with labels your chances of finding them in the lost and found go up exponentially ;-)

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