Summer Holiday!!

We’re all going on a summer holiday, no more worries for a week or two……………

Yes the long summer season is upon us, and while I love the idea of not dragging myself out of bed at 5.30am every morning, I am slightly over-whelmed with the thought of being entertainer extraordinaire for next the eight weeks!

But before we at Forget Me Not Dubai head off for some well-earned rest, we thought you might like to stock up on those very handy name labels.

So that nothing gets misplaced when you travel or attend summer camp. Or, if you are visiting cousins why not buy them a cute DIY personalised water bottle set as a gift? For the sports-mad cousin, uncle, or aunt we can also customise the Sports bottle Ellipse.

Whether you are heading-off, or just hanging out and enjoying the quieter ambiance of Dubai, we would like to wish all our customers (big and small) a relaxing and rejuvenating summer holiday.

See you in August in our shop and/or online. We will be back full of energy and with several new fabulous school products before the start of the new school year?
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