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With the Holy Month of Ramadan upon us, we here at Forget Me Not pondered the tricky question of “how to manage lunch at work?” Whilst many places will allow take-out to eat at home, we thought it was a good time for re-inventing the adult “packed lunch”. 

So why not grab one of our Lunch Pots, Ellipse Duo's, or Salad Boxes and stuff it full of last night’s left overs, the remains of a goody bag that brought home from an Iftar that you couldn’t say no too. Or, if you are feeling extravagant your own freshly made “scrummy mummy lunch”. Well ok that might be asking a bit much with today’s helter-skelter life-style, but we hope that you find some inspiration below as we shamelessly champion some of our home favourites.

We love the flexibility if the lunch pot, and yes, you can pack it full of veg sticks and stick a hummus/aubergine dip in the top, but how about Mexican tomato and bean soup courtesy of Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall’s ? Add cooked rice or pasta to it and voilá you have a filling lunch.



For a larger lunch, the To go Midi or Large lunchbox would be perfect to take in last night’s Bukharan Family Style Chicken and Rice, a scrummy recipe from my beloved new cook book “Samarkand” by Caroline Eden and Eleanor Ford. Or try Chanakhi an amazing layered vegetable stew from Georgia, and found in Tiko Tuskadze’s scrumptious book “Supra: A feast of Georgian Cooking”.

And as for the Salad Box, well say goodbye to lettuce and enjoy Herby, peanutty, noodly salad or Quick couscous salad with peppers and feta both from the “River Cottage Veg everyday cook book”.

All of the above have lid compartments (except the Bento Box) that can separate extras from your main food. The Elipse Duo and Salad box both come with a small mini box for dressings, and Bento box has a cute little snack box that fits neatly inside. The Lunch Pot and Elipse Duo are microwave safe, and leak-proof so there is no reason not to grab a warming lunch. All are BPA free and come apart easily and are dishwasher safe.

So pair your lunch box with our cool on-the-go cutlery sets and you will never be caught short.

Bon Appétit!

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