Am sorry plastic, but we have to break up!

This week sees two thought provoking world events that seek to end the intense relationship we humans have with plastic. Today is World Environment Day (5th June) and on 8th of June we have World Ocean’s Day. Both are focused on beating plastic pollution. It is also something close to our hearts at Forget Me Not, so let’s celebrate our little blue planet and break-up with plastic.
“If you can’t reuse it, refuse it” is World Environment Day’s stirring message, and we LOVE it. They also have a great “Tag you are it #Beat plastic pollution” game to challenge one and all to stop using single use plastic. So today I pledge that as I can’t reuse it, I will refuse it and not request take-away coffee cups when I drink-in at my favourite coffee store, a nasty habit I have gotten into.
World Ocean’s Day also highlights the damaging effect of plastic items on marine life and eco-systems. Be it a plastic bottles, straws, disposable cutlery, or a plastic shopping bags.
Now I am looking for creative ways to turn that box of plastic straws that I bought for my kids’ into something more imaginative so that they don’t land up in land-fills or oceans. Here I come pinterest!
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If you are looking for something thought provoking, then as part of World Environment Day, World Oceans Day and March for the Oceans, the not-for-profit marine conservation organisation, Azraq will be screening the documentary; Straws at The Junction in Alserkal Avenue on 9th June at 8pm for the first time in the United Arab Emirates. So go check and out.

We may not feel that we can make a difference but it is the small changes that can build into a movement that gets results. So have a look at our great online re-usable ranges of water bottles, coffee cups, and snack boxes, and ditch the disposable one-timers for good. We also have some awesome kids backpacks made from recycled PET bottles. How cool is that?


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