Dino Bite Value Bundle

Dhs. 287.00 Dhs. 249.00

Saving hunger one lunch at a time! Thirst and lunchtime rumbles - no job is too big with Montii on hand. *** MontiiCo Insulated Lunch Bag - Dinosaur Feast your eyes on these cool bags! Made for all those with a craving for lunch time adventures. Take them far and wide, we've made sure they can handle the Aussie heat! Plus, there is no need to worry about lastability, we have got it covered with the raddest premium materials that have been fully tested for durability. MontiiCo Mini Drink Bottle - Yellow Mini Montii (350ml) is the perfect playmate for those little hands that like to pick up and go. He's got all the coolness of Mr Montii, we have just swapped the top for an easy-sip lid (#nospills) to keep your ragamuffins feeling fresh and your bag looking rad. The Lunchpunch sandwich cutter - Dinosaur Push, press, pop and admire for tasty lunches we know will inspire!